Becoming A Vendor

To become a vendor on the ClayShare Market Place you’ll need to Register. We’ll review your application and either approve or reach out to you for more information within a couple of days.

Here’s what you need to know:

The most important thing is that the ClayShare Market Place is an extension of ClayShare. The same way of taking care of each other there applies here.

If you don’t genuinely care that customers are happy with your product and are made happier by doing business with you, then being a vendor here isn’t for you.

Who can become a vendor?
Anyone can become a vendor. ClayShare Premium members do get precedence in approval.

What can vendors sell?
You can sell the pottery you make yourself, tools, and materials for making ceramics.
Making and selling earrings that include a ceramic element – Okay.

What can vendors not sell?
You cannot sell mass-produced items as your own.
Buying earrings with a ceramic element in bulk and reselling them – Not Okay.

Is there a limit to how many items I can list/sell?
Nope. Approved vendors can list and sell as many items as they want.

Is there a fee to list my item ?
Nope. There is no fee at all for listing your items.

Is there a fee when my item sells?
The standard commission on item sales is 20% of the selling price of the item.
We keep 0% of the shipping or tax applied to the sale, that all goes to the vendor.

So, if you sell an item for $100 and it has a $15 shipping charge and $5 in tax you’d keep:

  • $80 for the item.
  • $15 for the shipping.
  • $5 for the tax.

Why does ClayShare keep that 20%?
The percentage allows us to cover the costs/fees that we incur to make the market available and make a little money for ourselves. Those fees include:

  • Transaction fees when a customer makes a purchase.
  • Transaction fees when we pay vendors.
  • Costs for the servers, software, and services needed to run the market. (Maintaining the website).
  • Fees for any ads we run in places like Facebook, Google, etc.

How do vendors get paid?
We pay vendors their commissions automatically via Paypal so you’ll need an account if you don’t already have one.
Payments go out to vendors as orders come in, typically within minutes of the customer providing payment.

How do I know I have an order?
When a customer places an order for one of your items you get an email notification and the order shows up in your Vendor Dashboard where you manage your store, items, orders, etc.

What if a customer isn’t happy?
If a customer is unhappy with your product it is your responsibility to make it right.
We strongly encourage you to have clear Shipping and Return policies listed both for your store and on your products.

What happens to bad vendors?
Vendors who receive multiple customer complaints, mistreat customers or other vendors, or violate the “What can vendors not sell?” rule above will be removed from the market place and not allowed to return.

ClayShare Member Discount

ClayShare members get automatic discounts on some of our products.

  • 15% off rolling pins and laser cut rim templates.
  • 20% downloadable templates.

To get your discount you must be signed in here on the market. Market memberships are setup when new members finish their free trial period. When that happens, the market sends an email for the member to set their password. If you got the email but haven’t set your password, use the “lost password” link on the signin page to set it.