Big News – Coming in August!

Rolling Pins

We’re bringing Jess’ textured rolling pins in-house and adding:

  • More Size Options
  • New Designs & Sizes
  • World-Wide Shipping
  • Discounts for ClayShare Premium Members

And we’ve partnered with a local Vermont supplier who makes the world’s best rolling pins for all our pin stock.

ClayShare Member Discount

ClayShare members get automatic discounts on some of our products.

  • 15% off rolling pins and laser cut rim templates.
  • 20% downloadable templates.

To get your discount you must be signed in here on the market. Market memberships are setup when new members finish their free trial period. When that happens, the market sends an email for the member to set their password. If you got the email but haven’t set your password, use the “lost password” link on the signin page to set it.