Sweater Weather 7 Rolling Pin


Hand drawn knit texture with a 7″ by 1 7/8″ barrel.

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Our rolling pins are made from sustainably harvested North American hardwood and go from logs to finished pins entirely in Vermont.
Each design is hand drawn by Jessica Putnam-Phillips and then deeply engraved on rolling pins that are rated as the best on the market by America’s Test Kitchen.
They have a full-length steel axle that runs through self-lubricating nylon bearings, guaranteeing a lifetime of smooth rolling.

Wood is an incredible natural material that expands and contracts with moisture and humidity. Regular care of this product will protect it for years to come.
Your pin has been pre-treated with a coat of mineral oil to protect it from absorbing excessive moisture during use.
We recommend applying a coat of mineral oil every 3 months or so to maintain the protection and keep your pins looking and performing their best.

If your pin becomes excessively dirty:
Handwash with warm water and dry thoroughly with a towel. Never soak in water, run in a dishwasher, or use in a microwave.

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 14.5 × 1.875 × 1.875 in


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